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"Researched several programs and feel this one cannot be beat for cost, power, and ease of use. We have sent out 10s of thousands of emails in one night with no problems. Would recommend it to anyone."
David Hamm, NTD Communications,http://www.ntdcomm.com

I tried several different bulk Email packages before I found Mail Them Pro. I even tried the monthly subscription packages. Mail Them Pro is fast, inexpensive, and it does everything it is supposed to do. The other packages I tried out just don't measure up to Mail Them Pro.
Bryn Kaufman,http://www.bwkc.com

"The company I work for sends over 40,000 emails at a time, this program is very easy to use, and does a major portion of the list subscribes and unsubscribes automatically. It will send text or html. (I recommend that you save a backup of your lists seperately) On a scale of 1-10, price, function, and ease of use, this one is a 10."
David Scarbrough

"Great program, we've send over 200,000 mail without any problem."


"Awesome product. I was able to increase my bulk email output by 120%!!! I would highly recommend this product to any serious Internet marketer."
Mike Capstone, References-R-Us, http://www.references.tk


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